Sunless Tanning Prep

  • Keep hydrated! Dehydrated skin will not absorb the tan and will affect your results. Dry skin can cause the tan to look scaly or flaky. So drink lots of water so your tan develops deeper and lasts longer. 
  • All waxing & shaving should be done 24hrs prior to your appointment to ensure even development of your tan. You can shave again 24hrs after your sunless tanning session, use hair conditioner for a smoother delicate shave.
  • Do not apply deodorant, perfume or oils on the day of your appointment (make sure that your exfoliators are oil-free).
  • Your skin should be fully exfoliated to get rid of any dead skin & excess oil 24 hours before your appointment. You should focus on drier areas such as elbows, hands, feet & knees. Proper exfoliation is the key step to a perfect long lasting and even sunless tan. Make sure to use an oil free exfoliator so no residue is left on your skin that can create a barrier and cause an uneven development. We offer exfoliating products made for sunless tanning at our Beauty Bar boutique.
  • Keep your skin moisturized with a water based moisturizer. Dry skin does not absorb the airbrush tanning solution evenly. If you are unsure if your moisturizer is water based & oil free do not risk it. We rather you apply nothing than something that may create a barrier on your skin & block the tan from developing evenly.
  • If you are unsure about scrubs, body washes & lotions you currently have no worry! We carry pH neutralizing body washes, exfoliating body scrubs and water based moisturizers in salon specially designed for sunless tanning that will ensure proper and even development of your airbrush tan. 
  • You should shower at least 1-3 hours before your airbrush tanning appointment to wash off any oil & dirt from the day so the solution absorbs deeply. DO NOT USE DOVE SOAP BEFORE OR AFTER YOUR SUNLESS SESSION!! Dove soap creates a moisture barrier on your skin & will block your tan from developing. It also strips your color faster after your tan so stay clear of DOVE soap!
  • You must stay completely dry for at least 6-8hrs after your airbrush tanning session in order to ensure that your tan develops evenly & fully. This includes no: SHOWERING, EXERCISING, SWEATING, SWIMMING, EXT. We do offer a RAPID solution if you cannot wait 6-8hrs to shower or get wet. Our RAPID tanning solution develops in as little as 2 hours.
  • Bring dark loose fitting clothing to wear after your spray tanning session (tanning solution washes out of everything except wool, nylon & silk). Do not to wear any tight leggings or skinny jeans to your appointment. 
  • During your sunless session you can wear whatever you feel comfortable just keep in mind that whatever you do wear, those are the tan lines you are going to have. We do provide disposable thongs, bras & hair caps. The FDA recommends that you wear undergarments during your airbrush tanning session to prevent any solution from entering your body.


FDA Recommendations

FDA suggest to use the following items to protect against ingestion or inhalation during your sunless session.

Items below are available at our salon upon request. 

~Protective Eyewear

~Nose Filters

~Lip balm to seal the lips

~Proper protective undergarments

Post Care Instructions

  • After your color has fully developed, you are going to take a shower with cool water just rinsing your skin & soaping the necessary areas. I suggest a sulfate-free and pH neutralizing body wash. (Do not worry if you see bronzer washing off in the shower this is normal & you will be left with your developed tan underneath).
  • Do not us any exfoliating scrubs or body washes until the end of your tan.
  • To prolong the life of your tan Sun Kissed Glow carries body washes & tan extenders so be sure to grab one of each at your appointment.
  • After you shower pat yourself dry so you do not rub off any of your airbrush tan.
  • Keep your skin moisturized with a water based lotion only after your first initial shower. We have lotions and moisturizers available for purchase designed for sunless tanning to ensure longevity of your airbrush tan.
  • You can shave your legs lightly with conditioner 24hrs after your airbrush tanning session.
  • Wear sunscreen!! Airbrush tans are just cosmetic and do not protect your skin from the UV rays of the sun. We recommend an oil free & alcohol free sunscreen.
  • Shower normally after the first shower will cool/warm water. Hot long baths, showers and water with chlorine will reduce the length of your tan and cause quicker fading. 
  • At the end of your tan you can use an exfoliant or scrub to exfoliate off any tan that is left. 

Enjoy your Sun Kissed Glow!!

Sunless Maintenance

Sun Kissed Tan Extender

Sunless Tan Moisturizer

  • Daily moisturizer to give added life & vibrancy to any tan
  • Designed as a facial & full body self-tanning moisurizer
  • Safe for all skin tones
  • Anti-aging solution that will smooth the skin, giving you similar results to our anti-aging drops
  • Smooth & Tone additives designed to soften, smooth & tone your skin
  • Creates a firm healthy layer of skin
  • DHA dervived from organically grown sugar to boost & prolong your sunless tanning results

Sun Kissed Body Wash

Sunless Tan Body Wash

  • Developed to work with all sunless tanning solutions
  • Helps to keep your skin moisturized & hydrated
  • Vanilla/Lavender Scent
  • Gentle on skin
  • Free of acidic ingredients that will strip and harm your sunless tan
  • Will protect your tan no remove it like other products on the market

Sun Kissed Exfoliating Body Scrub

Pre Sunless Tan Exfoliant

  • Before tan treatment designed to get rid of dead skin & prep your skin for your sunless tanning session
  • Contains natural extracts to throroughly prep & polish skin for the best spray tanning results
  • Gentle exfoliator
  • Use 1-2 days prior to your sunless tanning session 
  • Leaves no residue or dry skin
  • Can also be used 7-11 days after your session at the end of your tan to remove any remaining tan.

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