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Service Description Price
Full Body   $42
Half Body Waist up only


Face Includes neck & face


Legs Waist down only $22
Package Qty Expiration Price
Pkg of 3 Expire in 3 months $102
Pkg of 5 Expire in 5 months $160
Pkg of 7 Expire in 7 months $210
Pkg of 9 Expire in 9 months $252
Membership Terms Price
EFT  3 month minimum $135/month

Traditional Tanning Solution

Our Traditional Organic Airbrush Tanning solution is our most popular & the line. We always say, "When in doubt go traditional." 


This line is great for every skin type. It comes in 3 different levels: Natural, Beach & Island to ensure you achieve the depth of color you're looking for. 


Our Traditional Solution is 100% vegan & is made from all naturally derived ingredients. 


Some of the great ingredients include Walnut Extract, Aloe Vera & Vitamin C.


The Walnut Extract gives our solution its olive undertone for more natural Sun Kissed results. 


The aloe repairs skin locking in moisture hydrating and rejuvenating skin.


Vitamin C protects skin from harmful free radicals by shielding the skin to provent premature aging. This protective layer of Vitamin C provides a barrier between your skin & harsh enviornmental elements.  


Sunless Add-0ns 

Skin Treatments Drops $12

Rejuvenation Anti-Aging Drops: Renew & strenghten the skin by protecting & revitalizing while combatting dark spots.

Skin Firming Drops: Firm & tighten uneven or irregular skin with this caffeine & amino acid packed skin tightening formula.

Finishing Powder $6

Finishing Powder: This powder is dusted on you by our spray tanning technician after your spray tanning session. Finishing Powder sets your spray tan, reduces the sticky feeling, protects your tan while its developing & reduces bronzer transfer.

Available in Matte & Shimmer finish. 

Scented Drops $8

Orange Ginger Drops: An uplifting refreshing orange ginger scent to stimulate the senses.

Pineapple Drops: A lush pineapple scent bursting with juicy fragrance!

DHA Drops $10

Increase DHA in any sunless tanning solution color by adding these DHA Booster Drops to your sunless session for a deeper color.

1-3% DHA increase available.

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