Traditional Solution

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Service Description Price
Full Body   $40
Half Body Waist up only


Face Includes neck & face


Legs Waist down only $20
Package Qty Expiration Price
Pkg of 3 Expire in 3 months $96
Pkg of 5 Expire in 5 months $150
Pkg of 7 Expire in 7 months $196
Pkg of 9 Expire in 9 months $234
Membership Terms Price
EFT  3 month minimum $125/month

Traditional Tanning Solution

Our Traditional Organic Airbrush Tanning solution is our most popular & the line. We always say, "When in doubt go traditional." 


This line is great for every skin type. It comes in 3 different levels: Natural, Beach & Island to ensure you achieve the depth of color you're looking for. 


Our Traditional Solution is 100% vegan & is made from all naturally derived ingredients. 


Some of the great ingredients include Walnut Extract, Aloe Vera & Vitamin C.


The Walnut Extract gives our solution its olive undertone for more natural Sun Kissed results. 


The aloe repairs skin locking in moisture hydrating and rejuvenating skin.


Vitamin C protects skin from harmful free radicals by shielding the skin to provent premature aging. This protective layer of Vitamin C provides a barrier between your skin & harsh enviornmental elements.  


Sunless Additives 

Skin Treatments Drops $12

Rejuvenation Anti-Aging Drops: Renew & strenghten the skin by protecting & revitalizing while combatting dark spots.

Skin Firming Drops: Firm & tighten uneven or irregular skin with this caffeine & amino acid packed skin tightening formula.

Shimmer Drops $8

Golden Drops: Golden Shimmer Drops

Opal Drops: Opal Shimmer Drops

Scented Drops $8

Orange Ginger Drops: An uplifting refreshing orange ginger scent to stimulate the senses.

Pineapple Drops: A lush pineapple scent bursting with juicy fragrance!

DHA Drops $10

Increase DHA in any sunless tanning solution color by adding these DHA Booster Drops to your sunless session for a deeper color.

1-3% DHA increase available.

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