Black Out Pro Competition Airbrush Tan

For Pro Competition sunless tanning we recommend 2-3 application to get a really deep color and full coverage for onstage. Each application we will apply 3-4 layers depending on how much depth you want and your skin tone. We use the Norvell Black Out Pro Competition solution. It is specially designed to hold up under harsh stage lights and is made specifically for competition. 


To get the depth you desire we recommend that you do 2-3 application over a 2-3 day time frame before your competition. On the day of your competition we recommend Norvell's Competition Black Out Gel Creme. It is professional performance formula and is developed specifically for competition and stage use. This is a great additive for those seeking the darkest level of color and great muscle definition on stage. Direction for gel application: On the day of your competition you will apply to clean dry skin, smoothing evenly and blend thoroughly. Use sparingly around knuckles, knees, ankles and elbows. To avoid coloring of palms use an applicator mitt or wash hands immediately with soap and water.  Avoid contact with clothing for 15 minutes.

Service   Price
Single Session One time application 3-4 coats $65
Double Session Done within 2 consecutive days $120
Tripple Session Done within 3 consecutive days $165
Black Out Gel Creme Application

Full body application with

professional contouring

Black Out Gel

8.5 fl oz Bottle to apply yourself

the morning of your show


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