ProTan Competition Tanning

Sun Kissed Glow is a certified Pro Tan competition salon. Pro Tan is specially designed to hold up under harsh stage lights and is made specifically for competition. 


Step 1: Pre-Tan Skin Prep

-Hair Away: Use this product 1-2 days prior to begining your tanning process.

-Get Buffed: Use everyday for 1 week prior to begining your tanning process for best results. 


Step 2: Self-Tanning

-Two Minute Tan: Use this self-tanning tinted gel to add color to your skin prior to getting professionally sprayed. 


Step 3: Professional Tanning

-Come in to our studio to get your professional spray tan done the day before your competition. To get the depth you desire we recommend that you do 2 applications over a 4-12 hour time frame before your competition. On the day of your competition, 1-2 hours prior to stage time, we recommend Pro Tan Top Coat. Top Coat can be applied here at our studio or you can apply it yourself at your hotel or competition venue.  This is a great additive for those seeking the darkest level of color and great muscle definition on stage.


Step 4: Stage Finisher

-After your top coat application, we also recommend using a Stage Finisher such as Bikini Bite, Muscle Juice, Show Shine, Muscle Sheen, Hot Stuff or Quick Bronze 15-30 minutes before you go on. 


Sun Kissed Glow has all the products & services you need to make sure you are ready to hit the stage!

Service   Price
In Salon Single Session - Overnight Competition Color Base Coat - One time application (Done day before competition) $65
In Salon Double Session - Overnight Competition Color Base Coat - Two applications done 4-6 hrs apart. (Done day before competition) $120
In Salon Single Session - Instant Competition Top Coat Color Top Coat - One time application (Done day of competition 1-2 hrs prior to stage time) $45
In Salon Cheerleader Bronze Spray Tanning Session

Achieve a deep, dark, long lasting tan after just one easy professional application. Best of all, your tan won’t run or streak and fades just like a natural tan after 5-7 days. Specially formulated not to stain your cheer uniform!



Retail Products   Price
Hair Away Remove unwanted body hair quickly and pleasantly while providing gentle conditioning care for smooth, fresh feeling skin. Hair Away is precisely balanced for all skin types, removing hair for up to three weeks in as little as four minutes. $14.96
Get Buffed A perfect tan begins with Get Buffed® Pre-Tan Body Scrub. Formulated with natural exfoliators, plant extracts, and vitamins exclusively designed to maximize and enhance your sunless tanning results while helping to balance out your skin's pH level. $13.96
Two Minute Tan This innovative, easily absorbed, light gel formula combines the perfect blend of self-tanning ingredients with a medium tint of instant color for guaranteed, streak-free tanning. Best of all, you control the amount of color you want to achieve. $15.96
Cheerleader Bronze

This streak free self tanner applies evenly, dries quickly, won't
stain your uniform, and no self-tan aroma. You control the
level of darkness!

Top Coat - Body Builder Mouse This non-streaking formula provides the perfect instant competition color. Easy to use, dries quickly, and fades evenly. Ideal for body builders and anyone who wants to have a beautifully dark instant tan. $28.96
Bikini Bite (Roll-On) Fabric glue keeps posing suits, bikinis, costumes, miniskirts and any other clothing articles adhered. $13.96
Muscle Juice Formulated exclusively for hot lights, Muscle Juice shows your true muscle definition without creating blind spots like baby oil. Allows your skin to breathe while limiting perspiration beading. Natural oils soak into your skin to moisturize, gradually emerging to provide a superior sheen. $11.96
Show Shine Formulated exclusively for hot lights. Show Shine highlights your true muscle definition, eliminating blind spots created by the light and allowing the judges to appreciate all that you've worked for. Show Shine is perfect for bikini, bodybuilding, fitness, and physiqe competitors alike and can be used daily after the shower or bath to keep your skin healthy and vibrant. $15.96
Muscle Sheen The ultimate physique presentation and total muscular definition posing gel that will leave your competition in
the pump-up room. Formulated exclusively for hot lights. Muscle Sheen highlights and enhances the appearance of both your muscularity and total hardness.
Quick Bronze Get that dark, healthy, rich tan in seconds with Quick Bronze. Exclusive non-streak, waterproof formula with rich moisturizers that guarantees an extra smooth and easy application that looks great after just one use.
Streak-free, water resistant, dries quickly, and no need for posing oil after applying. Won't turn you green, orange, red, or purple like other competition tanning products.
Hot Stuff Hot Stuff® High Definition Optimizer Oil is formulated with natural buffers and Vasculex, an exclusive combination that helps assist in micro circulation and stimulation throughout the upper levels of the skin. You'll feel a deep, warming heat that helps keep your muscles warm while pumping up backstage. Exceptional natural oils leave your skin with the perfect contest sheen. $17.96

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